Baroque Musician's Book of Grounds

A compendium of 60 Baroque ground bass progressions with multiple variants and Key Signatures

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This edition, “The Baroque Musician’s Book of Grounds,” is a vastly amended, corrected, and expanded version of the previous PDF edition entitled, “The Continuo Players Book of Grounds. I have substantially expanded the content, and this publication is a completely transformed work. It is the sincerest hope that all musicians may find this work to be useful and enjoyable. It may serve as an excellent resource for students, enthusiasts, seasoned professionals of Renaissance & Baroque music, as well as players of modern instruments alike. This book is a reference & performance edition from which a soloist, duo, trio, or ensemble can take any ground bass to create marvelous improvisations. “Hey! I’ve never heard or seen this ground before, let’s try it!” This book is all about; expanding one’s musical vocabulary, the prospect of new possibilities, and the continued practice and reinforcement of old knowledge.

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